Folia Orientalia vol. XXXVIII (38/2002)


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Folia Orientalia (FOr) is an international multi- and interdisciplinary journal published annually by the Commission of Oriental Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Kraków Branch). It represents a broad range of Oriental Studies, especially linguistic, literary, historical, archaeological, cultural, religious and art history issues, mainly from the Near and Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and Africa.
The peer-reviewed journal Folia Orientalia was founded in 1959 by Tadeusz Lewicki, an eminent Polish Arabist, who noticed the desirability of creating a new yearbook with a broad spectrum of studies devoted to cultures and civilisations of Asia and Africa. Lewicki served as chairman of the editorial board (1959–1968, 1971–1976) and as editor (1980–1986). Earlier, in the years 1959–1979, the post of editor was held by Franciszek Machalski, Iranologist. Subsequent editors were Stanisław Stachowski, Turkologist (1987–2002) and Andrzej Zaborski, Arabist and specialist in comparative linguistics of Semitic-African languages (2003–2014).


Polska Akademia Nauk – Oddział w Krakowie
Komisja Orientalistyczna
The Enigma Press, Kraków 2002
ISSN 0015-5675
oprawa: miękka
liczba stron: 248
format: 15,0 x 21,0 cm
stan: nowy, bardzo dobry


P. Auffret, ‘Et tu m’as fait remonter de la fosse’ (Etude structurelle de Kon 2,3-10), 5-18;
I. Balwierz, ‘He wasn’t such a saint at all…’ Gubran Halil Gubran in the Eyes of His Friend Miha’il Nu’ajma or the First Arabic Artistic Biography, 19-28;
A. Nieniek, Zakariya’ ibn Muhammad ibn Mahmud al-Qazwini and His Works, 29-40;
A. Bogomolov, Firm in the Face of the Enemy. Semantic Analysis of the Concept of ‘Sumud’ in Modern Arabic, 41-63;
B. W. W. Dombrowski, Mani, Manichees and Jews – A Reassessment, 65-104;
J.-Ch. Ducène, Une vraisemblable navigation arabe vers les Canaries au début du IIIe/IXe siecle (Extrait du ‘Kitab dala’il al-qibla’ d’Ibn all Qass), 105-113;
J.-Ch. Ducène, La carte circulaire du ‘Kitab dala’il al-Qibla’ d’Ibn al-Qass: Représentation du monde et toponymie originales, 115-146, 3 figs.; 115-146;
M. Knüppel, (Neu)Uigurisch ‘vafiz etmek’ und ‘cömüldürmek’ für ‘taufen’, 147-154;
A. Oleksy, European Success of ‘The Arabian Nights’ and Western Image of the Orient in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, 155-164;
B. Michalak-Pikulska, New Style in Omani Prose Writing: Hamad bin Rashid bin Rashid, 165-175;
D. Rudnicka-Kassem, Iqbal’s Concept of ‘Khudi’ and the Idea of Perfect Man, 177-189;
M. Stachowski, A Note on the Turkmen Name for Draghon / Monter / Snake, 191-201;
G. Zając, The Ottoman School and Education in the Sultan Abdulhamid Period in the Light of the Memoirs of Turkish Writers, 203-212.

Reviews: (by A. Bartczak, M. Pomorska, M. Stachowski), 213-232.
R. Eisenman, The James Ossuary – Is It Authentic?, 233-236;
M. Kuś, An Unpublished Document on the Kisara Migration, 237-245, 1 fig.



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