Folia Orientalia vol. XXXIV (34/1998)


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Folia Orientalia (FOr) is an international multi- and interdisciplinary journal published annually by the Commission of Oriental Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Kraków Branch). It represents a broad range of Oriental Studies, especially linguistic, literary, historical, archaeological, cultural, religious and art history issues, mainly from the Near and Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and Africa.
The peer-reviewed journal Folia Orientalia was founded in 1959 by Tadeusz Lewicki, an eminent Polish Arabist, who noticed the desirability of creating a new yearbook with a broad spectrum of studies devoted to cultures and civilisations of Asia and Africa. Lewicki served as chairman of the editorial board (1959–1968, 1971–1976) and as editor (1980–1986). Earlier, in the years 1959–1979, the post of editor was held by Franciszek Machalski, Iranologist. Subsequent editors were Stanisław Stachowski, Turkologist (1987–2002) and Andrzej Zaborski, Arabist and specialist in comparative linguistics of Semitic-African languages (2003–2014).


Society of Biblical Literature
Sixteenth International Meeting
Cracow, July 19-22, 1998

Polska Akademia Nauk – Oddział w Krakowie
Komisja Orientalistyczna
The Enigma Press, Kraków 1998
ISSN 0015-5675
oprawa: miękka
liczba stron: 240
format: 15,0 x 21,0 cm
stan: nowy, bardzo dobry

SBL IN CRACOW, July 19-22, 1998:


J. Chmiel, Opening address, 5-8;
Z. J. Kapera, SBL at Cracow. The Sixteenth International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, Cracow, July 18 – 22, 1998, 9-16, plates I-VIII;
M. Wojciechowski, Bible and Biblical Studies in Poland, 17-22.

Some Polish papers

K. Bardski, Patristic Interpretation of the Scripture and Modern Biblical Studies. Methodological Suggestions, 23-29;
J. Chmiel, The Visual Interpretation of the Bible. An Outline, 31-34;
P. Kasiłowski, How to be Wealthy? The Letter of James and the Problem of Wealth, 35-44;
A. Kowalczyk, The Genre of the Gospel of Matthew, 45-52;
F. Sieg, The Kingdom of God in Luke’s Gospel and Acts as Compared with the Reign of God and the Lamb in the Revelation of John, 53-58;
M. Wojciechowski, The Unity of Biblical Ethics, 59-64;


T. Bielecki, Some Research Problems on Caiaphas, 65-70;
F. Rohrhirsch, Zur Nützlichkeit der Philosophie in der Archaeologie. Eine Paraphrasierung von ‘Wissenschaftstheorie und Qumran’, 71-94;
K. Maciuszak, The Northern Iranian Dialect of Alamut and the Peculiarities of Its Vocabulary, 95-103;
W. Mańczak, Irrégularités du pronom yakoute ‘toux’ “quoi”, 105-111;
R. Mas, Qiyas: A Study in Islamic Logic, 113-128;
B. Michalak-Pikulska, Su’ad Al-Sabah – In the Beginning was the Female *, 129;
D. Rozmus, J. Roś, Tuareg-Sammlung im Afrikanistischen Museum Namens Dr. Bogdan Szczygiełs in Olkusz, 141-147, III tables;
M. Stachowski, A Note on Proto-Turkic Cc, cC Clusters and Proto-Altaic Sources of s und c in Turkic Langages, 149-158;
M. Stachowski, A Minimal Probabilistic Development Model of Proto-Turkic E-type Vowels, 159-174;
F. Turan, Converbs in Old Anatolian Turkish: A Morpho-Syntactic Approach, 175-181.

Review Essays

B. W. W. Dombrowski, Qumranologica VI, 183-192;
B. W. W. Dombrowski, Qumranologica VII, 193-202;
P. Wexler, A Few Remarks on Thaddaeus Lewicki’s Bibliography, 203-206.


(by D. Długosz, M. Dziekan, Z. J. Kapera, M. J. Olbrycht, M. Pomorska, D. Rozmus, C. Schönig, G. Zając), 207-237.
M. Stachowski, Erwiderung auf C. Schönigs Recenzion über meine “Dolganische Wortbildung”, 226-228.


D. Długosz, Grand Louvre: Ouvertures 1997. Aile Sackler des Antiquités Orientales, 238-240.



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